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ATEX Actuated Valves

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Actuated valves

The European Commission ATEX 2014/34/EU guidelines section 44 “Combined equipment (Assemblies)” states;

1. That two or more pieces of equipment together with components, assembled to create a complete functional assembly has to be considered a product falling under the scope of ATEX 2014/34/EU

It further advises that it should be placed on the market by a “responsible person” who is then considered the “manufacturer” of that assembly.

2. That an assembly consisting of different  compliant pieces of equipment, previously placed on the market by different manufacturers may presume conformity of the pieces of equipment and restrict his own assessment to the hazards which become relevant because of the final combination.

3. That assemblies consisting of pieces of equipment regarded as having no additional risk may be considered as a “combination of individual pieces of equipment” and supplied with individual declaration of conformities.

It is clear  that when a manual valve is actuated, there are additional potential hazards and therefore a full conformity assessment appropriate for the category, should be undertaken. Supplying individual declaration of conformities is not appropriate.

Whether the valve was considered within or out of scope of ATEX, Kinetrol find that there is frequently very little or no information provided by the valve manufacturer regarding restrictions for use when actuating and therefore consider the valve to be out of scope and include this within their own conformity assessment.

The person responsible for the assembly is regarded as the “manufacturer” and should fulfil the requirements of directive 2014/34/EU by correctly labelling the product and supplying appropriate documentation.

Since 2003 organisations who manufacture equipment for use in potentially explosive atmospheres must comply with the ATEX Directive. In order for their product to carry the CE mark, equipment manufactured for use in hazardous areas must be ATEX certified.

Actuated valves consist of a valve and an actuator, often manufactured by 2 different manufacturers and will often require a bracket and coupling to assemble them. The expectations and  requirements of the person assembling these units still appears to be widely misunderstood.

Manual Valves

Do manual valves fall within the scope of ATEX?

It appears there is a continuing debate regarding this and the industry appears mixed in its opinion leading to some valves being sold as complying with ATEX and others not.

The European Commission ATEX 2014/34/EU guidelines section 38 “Examples of Equipment not covered by 2014/34/EU” concludes that hand operated valves do not fall within the scope of ATEX.

Whilst this may be true for the majority of valves, it should still be for the manufacturer to assess their product for potential sources of ignition and that if specific measures are required to protect against such risk.

Whether the manufacturer deems his product within or out of scope of ATEX the Declaration of Conformity should be supplied with appropriate instructions for safe use.

Mouse over photo for thermal image version showing the increase in temperature due to continuous cycling.

Kinetrol ATEX Actuated Valves

ATEX valves for use in hazardous areas, supplied by Kinetrol, comply with directive 2014/34/EU.

Orders are individually assessed, taking into account such parameters as media and ambient temperature, speed and frequency of operation.

A full conformity assessment is carried out as required by BS EN ISO 80079-36 and 80079-37

Each unit is supplied with an ATEX label with the CE mark, stating:

Documentation is supplied including: